Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Away we go

Dear reader,

If you don't know who I am, let me introduce myself. I'm Alice and I'm in my last semester of undergraduate studies at The University of Texas at Austin. I will be entering medical school in the fall in hopes of pursuing pediatrics or oncology (or pediatric oncology!). I love photography, read a lot of fiction, obsessively check weather.com, and love winter. I've also been wishing for a Toyota Prius (that I wrote a 40-page research paper on) and a puppy for years. Sadly, neither wishes have come true.

After months and months (probably close to a year) of debating whether or not to start a food blog, here I am. Originally, I wanted to call the blog "One Month" with the idea that I would share a list of things that I loved that month: a book I read, a CD I bought, and of course, a recipe I loved. But someone else already has that blog title so here's mine.

This blog's premise is a little different. I am opening up my (tiny) kitchen to you and sharing daily recipes. In addition, I have decided to choose one ingredient each month that I've never cooked with and make a fantastic recipe with it. I've already got a list that includes quail, rhubarb, and celery root so this should be quite an adventure. If you're ready, then away we go!

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  1. Whoa! I am so impressed and good luck on your newly launched blog. Love you.